Linkedin Tips

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1 min readOct 3, 2021

Some things you can do with linkedin

  • Find jobs
  • Connect, network
  • Find projects
  • Hire people
  • Sell something etc

Basic tips

  • Add a nice photo + banner
  • Add a simple header
  • Add a simple bio
  • Add work experience — 3–4 bullet points
  • Add projects — 1 line each

Be active

  • Like, comment, share posts
  • Connect with like minded people
  • Message people + provide value

Posting tips

  • Help others with your content
  • Share something unique you see
  • Share a nice resource you found
  • Share the website you use to get better
  • Share other things in your professional life
  • Help, help, help others! That’s how you get better

Connection tips

  • Send a message if you know them
  • Provide value if you can, ask for whatever you want in return
  • Cold emailing is totally fine. Everyone is there to help!

Awesome underrated tips

  • Search for jobs by location
  • Find alumni through the college pages
  • Set alerts for jobs
  • Cold email with a template — not a random message
  • Find email through the contact button
  • Filter the 2nd connections to send them requests
  • Search for hashtags
  • Join groups to find opportunities

Generic tips

Job tips